If you are looking for a custom cake, please come in and talk to one of our cake specialists...

Lighthouse Cake Company (formerly named Lighthouse Bakery) is a family owned bakery specializing in cakes and pastries handmade with only high quality ingredients. It was previously owned and operated by Joy and Lindsay Funk since 1998. In 2018 the bakery changed hands to Vikki Smith. Vikki is a red seal certified baker that has worked at the bakery for years and is continuing to run it with the same attention to detail and quality that it is known for.

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6" Round = 6 servings
8" Round = 10 servings
10" Round = 16 servings
1/4 Slab = 25 servings
1/2 Slab = 50 servings
Full Slab = 100 servings