Lighthouse Cake Company (formerly named Lighthouse Bakery) is a family owned bakery specializing in cakes and pastries handmade with only high quality ingredients. It has been owned and operated by Joy and Lindsay Funk since 1998. Lindsay is a journeyman baker who has been working in the baking industry for many years with training in BC, Alberta, and Switzerland. We offer 15 flavours of delicious, elegant cakes for all occasions and a wide variety of fine pastries and other products.

Looking for a custom cake?  Make an appointment to talk to a cake specialist and if you have a picture then bring it with you.  The possibilities are endless!  Unleash your imagination!

showcase dec2014

6" Round = 6 servings
8" Round = 10 servings
10" Round = 16 servings
1/4 Slab = 25 servings
1/2 Slab = 50 servings
Full Slab = 100 servings